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Modification of Application Systems

If you need us to help in application system's development in order to help reduce the workload operation, then you can go to the link of (Related Files and Regulations) and download 【information system development and maintenance needs】(you must log in) to fill.

Fill out this form is divided into four steps:

  1. Click the action you want
    • Please complete the application unit, the date, and then select「Add New System」,「Modify System」,or「Modify the Site」(especially for the modification of school web page). (If the button don't do any action, please start using ActiveX in the form and enable to get interactive access permissions).
  2. Input what you want to add or to modify in the system
    • As the application system group of staffing is in short, therefore every need have to wait in line, so that application programmers can set the progressive things processed. Of course, if in emergency condition you can also can choose 『To cut in line』. However, if you choose this option, you must discuss with those who will be influenced byt this action and ask them to made agreed to complete the all the part in your form.
  3. Enter the system name that you want to add or modify
    • Enter the system name that you want to add or modify in the text box, as for web modification, please fill in the web site.
  4. Enter the key of the system that you want to add or modify
    • Enter every details about the item that you want to add or modify, a good request list is easier to help us understand your need, so please let us know all the conditions, pictures, or other logic elements in your head. After we receive your demand form, we will be immediately sent someone to contact you.

The estimatearea of development and maintenance (Only written by System Applications Section)

After completing the form if you found there will probably have some related system problem, please discuss with your leader. After making the form in stable situation, please send it by Digital Envelop Electronic Document System. (During the processed, we will send someone to discuss the detail and operation with you.)

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