Present and prospect

First、Quality and quantity

  1. Present
    1. Additional master and doctoral program to enhance industrial-academic cooperation.
    2. Promoting industry-orientation college to cultivate high-qualified students.
  2. Prospect
    1. Enhancing teachers’ capability of practical experience and students’ capability of learning practically to match the industrial need.
    2. Coordinating social and international pulsation to design the forward-looking curriculums so as to connect with the world.
    3. Constructing the international network teaching system, strengthening the international communication and advancing to the internationalized university.

Second、Teachers’ participation

  1. Present
    1. Establishing the teachers’ sense of crisis to positively participate the University affairs.
    2. Strengthening the communication channel between teachers, students and school to unite closely.
  2. Prospect
    1. Unifying the teachers’ expectation with the school’s development for a better participation.
    2. Constructing the idea of "school as the family" and "students as friends" to build up a sense of a big Kun Shan family.

Third、Administrative affairs of a school

  1. Present
    1. Strengthening efficiency on all administrative units.
    2. Strengthening good service idea to promote the service quality.
  2. Prospect
    1. A better School administration.
    2. Constructing full-scaled campus administration network resources system.
    3. Continually promoting service quality.

Fourth 、Teaching

  1. Present
    1. Reviewing curriculum structure and adjusting course content.
    2. Computerizing Teaching method.
    3. Strengthening both theoretical and practical courses.
    4. Building up the students with correct study and learning attitude.
  2. Prospect
    1. Application of the network teaching system.
    2. Guiding students to a higher self-expectation and actively learning.
    3. Strengthening vocational education and reducing the gap between learning and application.
    4. Introducing the mainstream scientific theory and practical application.

Fifth、Research and development

  1. Present
    1. Establishing better environment for industrial-academic cooperation.
    2. Integrating school resources to build up core technics.
    3. Promoting industrial-academic cooperation.
    4. Promoting technology transfer service and intellectual value-added cases.
  2. Prospect
    1. Building up industrial-academic cooperation paradigm.
    2. Promoting international competition for enterprise.
    3. Promoting internationalisation for the University.

Sixth、Community connection

  1. Present
    1. Cultivating students with leading knowledge based on service-learning spirits.
    2. Cultivating students with the spirits of tolerance and altruism.
    3. Together with teachers and students to participate in the society feedback activities.
  2. Prospect
    1. Taking the initiative to care what the society needs and to be involved in society service matters.
    2. Cultivating students with the capability of innovation and problem-solving.
    3. Implementing “education equal to life”, “learning by doing” so as to cultivate “Kun-Shan people” becoming the business favourites.

Seventh、Student personality

  1. Present
    1. Establishing the student with correct moral concept and the value.
    2. Establishing the student with good behaviour.
    3. Establishing the student with the rule of law and self-restraint attitude.
  2. Prospect
    1. School motto "honesty/modesty" as core value to moderate students moral conduct.
    2. Implementation of holistic education to help students develop healthy personality.
    3. Fostering students with moral conducts and democratic attainment.

Eighth、Campus planning

  1. Present
    1. Planning and designing the overall campus landscape.
    2. Maintaining the campus environment.
    3. Constructing the 2nd building for the College of Creative Media.
    4. Integrating of various college/department spatial.
  2. Prospect
    1. Expand the school land.
    2. Improving the school environment and green landscaping.
    3. Improving the software and hardware facilities.

Ninth、International cooperation

  1. Present
    1. Continuing promoting the international cooperation.
    2. Continuing promoting international academic exchanges.
    3. Continuing promoting cross-straits interaction/cooperation in educational field.
    4. Continuing promoting the international exchange students program.
  2. Prospect
    1. Expanding the international horizons of Taiwanese students to foster a full range of international talent.
    2. Outputting the good-quality vocational education to the ethnic-Chinese world.
    3. Promoting the global exchange program.

Tenth 、Alumnus exchange

  1. Present
    1. Establishing the alumnus world-wide communication network.
    2. Integrating alumnus resources for career counselling activities.
    3. Strengthening department alumni network and alumni community.
    4. Integrating alumni careers information.
    5. Providing counselling service for alumni.
  2. Prospect
    1. Matchmaking service between alumni and cooperative business.
    2. Assisting alumnus to improve standard and R & D.
    3. Assisting alumnus in career planning counselling.

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