Founder introduction

Founder Mr.Tsen-Ho Lee, was from Gansu province, China, born in 1926 Linze county. His father, Mr.Guo-Han started from scratch,to reclaim agriculture,tend,orchard;he is a honest,good samartan,lots of citizens respect him. Mr.Guo-Han valued the child education specially and Mr.Tsen-Ho Lee has been uplifting influence by his father, and in his childhood, namely receives the grave family tradition fathers's teaching. When he grow up, he received the elementary education in the hometown. At the leisure assists his father and elder brothers to look after the family property. At that time outside had the Japanese invaders to close on successively, it has the warlord to flaunt oppressively, day after day, it's tempered by hardships thrifty and the firm and resolute industrious nature.創辦人照片

In 1943, after Jang Yi graduation from high shcool, he left his parents, and goes to battle far solitarily when altermate capital Chongqing, and studied biology department in The National Frontier University(the predecessor of Beijing Nationality university). Winning of the war, Mr.Tsen-Ho Lee followed the school moving to Nanjing, until graduated. The Founder was original distributed to Xinjing for teaching, however, due to the civil war between the Nationalist and the Communist Party, he finally came to Taiwan in 1948 and began his teaching career in Taiwan.

After Mr.Tsen-Ho Lee came to Taiwan, and started teaching in Jiayi Girl's High School, Tainan First Senior High School, Taitung Agricultural School, and Tainan Second Senior High School, he also taught biology in National Cheng Kung University. When the educational resources and the teaching supporting facility are extremely deficient, Mr.Tsen-Ho Lee wants to improve the teaching, then after given lessons, devotes in the scholarly research and teaching materials, the teaching aid compiles the research and development. He received many rewards and the great honour.

During the late 1950, there were not many high schools, a lot students are out of school after finishing elementary school. However, since education is a foundation of a state, the establishment of school and cultivation of the outstanding students has no room for delay. The government began encouraging private education and Mr.Tsen-Ho Lee called for politicians, teachers, industrial and business leaders to start educational business. They chose the northern suburbs of Tainan to establish Kun Shan Senior High School (1961), and Mr.Tsen-Ho Lee to managed all the school administration. After 20 more years, this school finally become the ancient capital-Tainan the well-known junior, senior and vocational integrated high school. Since Kun Shan Senior High School was on track, the Founder resign all the positions and concentrated on establishing the technical college.

In the early 1960, due to the economic booming and the fast development of industrial and commercial activities, the needs for technique manpower and business leader were expected. At that time, only one university, Cheng Kung university, was established. At the end of 1964, the Founder running everywhere visiting ambitious person to co-organized five year special school. After detailed investigation finally they selected Yong Kang Da Wan area, the famous historic spot "Carp deep pool", as the school location.;In 1956, Kun Shan Industry Vocatinal School was established.

At that time regardless establish junior school or special school, fund-raising, purchasing school land, applying for construction, recruiting the school employee all are the tough tasks. The Founder came to Taiwan with nothing in his pocket, and he doesn't have abundant financial resource, but he unexpectedly became two school's Founders. Facing all kinds of difficulties, he finally conquered all the obstacles based on his beliefs of determination and perseverance.

Mr.Tsen-Ho Lee personally took care of campus affairs, especially deemed the campus as his own house. He drew up the ideas of modernized-construction, science-based teaching, standardized-equipment, institutional-management and park-likely environment into preliminary five goals. The school reputation improved day by day, and the college of technology was transformed to college of industry and commerce, take the lead to be promoted to the technical institute, and finally became the well-known Kun Shan university.

For the past 50 years, Kun Shan’s establishment and promotion was tightened to the nation’s development. In 1969 Mr.Tsen-Ho Lee was awarded as the outstanding universities/colleges/institutes founder and received the honour from President Chiang Kai-shek. In 1984 the Founder was elected as the President for athletic association of university/college/institution. In 1985, the Founder hosted the 16th session of technical college athletic games, and remarked the historical records of hosting a large-scale nation-wide games. In 1988 after serving for 40 years, he has the honour to receive excellent teacher reward from the Ministry of Education to evaluate is the fine teacher and promulgation praise by the premier and Minister of Education, and a banquet from President Lee Teng-hui. In 1988 because of the school’s outstanding education results, the Founder was ranked the list of “Confucius lectured fragrant record".

Education is the Founder’s life-long business and since he became a teacher, He devoted in educating people and cultivating many outstanding people. Although he is no longer in the front line to teach, the heart of deeply concerning education is never changed. The Founder will still guard and lead the university to advance into the international fist-class school and to impel the Kun Shan become navigator of the vocational education in the new century!

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