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歷史公告:Kyung Hee University’s Academic Exchange Ends Satisfactorily

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Kyung Hee University’s Academic Exchange Ends Satisfactorily
Published Date:2013-02-06KSU held a closing ceremony for 54 students who, from Kyung Hee University (KHU), came for a five-week international study program with KSU Electronic Engineering Department. When making closing remarks, the KSU President, Yan-Kuin Su, hoped that all the students could benefit from the courses (Circuitry, Electronics, Basic English and Chinese Language Learning) taken at KSU. Additionally, President Su also hoped for an everlasting friendship and a continuous cultural exchange between the two schools after the program finished.

According to the Dean of KSU Chinese Language Center, Yu-Hua Wang, KSU offered numerous classes to combine with Chinese language learning, such as Language and Culture, Music, and Aboriginal Dance. Specifically, the Language and Culture Class further integrated the Chinese cuisine, festivals, and traditional handicrafts into the class, providing students with opportunity to experience the elegant Chinese culture. In addition, Wang also invited the native Taiwanese for Aboriginal Dance Class, which greatly enriched the life and learning experiences of KHU students in Taiwan.

During the closing ceremony, one of the KHU students highly praised Taiwan for the delicious snacks and beautiful scenery. For example, he had pearl milk tea and stinky tofu, tourists’ most and less favorite snacks respectively, at one of Tainan’s famous attractions, Garden (Hua-Yuan) Night Market. He said that stinky tofu smelled really bad at the beginning, but tasted amazingly good after taking the first bite! Also, he visited Sun Moon Lake (Ri Yueh Tan) in Nantou, and even went to Taipei 101 for the New Year’s Eve countdown to 2013, where he deeply enjoyed the scenery and the countdown fireworks. As a result, either the KSU courses or the cultural experiences left students with an unforgettable and impressive memory while stayed in Taiwan.

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