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Horse field internship In recent years Taiwan equestrian sport has flourish quickly, but horseshoe maker and horse riding instructor are in serious shortage, horse field staff are also scarce. Sports, health, and leisure degree program recently signed cooperation with the Tainan City equestrian Committee, the committee has offered 6 internships and 10,000 per month grants; the school is also expecting to open the equestrian course in a near future. According to the department head, professor Chen, she mentioned that because of the prevalent of equestrian, currently horse riding instructor has a 30,000 starting salary and horseshoe maker can make salary up to a maximum of 400,000 per month. Professor Pan, Chien-Chou expresserd that 6 students had already intern there this summer break for two month for total of 320 hours and Equestrian Committee Member had promised to provide each student with 10,000 a month scholarship. In the two-month summer internship, students have learned from taking care of horses daily living, cleaning stables, organizing horse harness, assisting with making horseshoes and any other horse-related activities, and gaining practical hands-on experience with close contact with horses. Professor Pan, Chien-Chou also mentioned that apart from the fundamental management. The department program will also initiate equestrian therapy course to cultivate equestrian physiotherapists, therefore, increase more opportunity for student to find jobs at the equestrian related work field. This is the 2nd year of the degree program and according to the head of program professor Chen, Shiu-Hua , by cooperation with Tainan City equestrian Committee will enable students to have a better chance of connecting with the industry, and hopefully after graduating from school students have the advantage in finding jobs as horse trainer, horse riding instructor, horseshoe maker, equestrian therapists, and etc.
Horse field internship
Horse field internship
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