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Congratulations!! ※ The Department of Health Huang Shihua Shuo two, Chen Guanxun and Cai Wuhan were the doctoral candidates for admission into large photovoltaic !!

※ congratulate the Department Wu Hongwei, Tsai Cheng Mu teacher led Huang Shihua, Lin Chien-Chi, Lv Rongji R & D "used in home safety Intelligent dual-sensing safety gate" in 2013 International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland won the silver medal!

Congratulations! Jointly led by the Department Churng-Jou Tsai, Lin Junyi, Daizai Jun, Jiang Yan Ni,WENG,JIA-JI "large car mirror device without turning a corner of the auxiliary" After the 2014 Taipei International Invention Exhibition gold medal.

Congratulations! The Department Caichong Zhou teacher, teacher Liu Tsung Pan teachers and Guo Jinkui developed jointly led by Lin Junyi "large car after turning no dead ends of the secondary mirror device," the 2014 Pittsburgh International Invention Exhibition Gold Medal.

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