Information Safety Policy

Information Safety Policy

Welcome to the website of the Kun Shan University (KSU) . To appease visitors' worries about using our on-line services, the following are our information safety policy:

Policy implementation

Our privacy policy applies to activities carried out on the KSU website, such as personal information search, collection, and protection. However, it does not apply to other government websites or websites that are linked to the KSU website. All websites linked to this website, whether maintained by KSU or not, have their own privacy policies, for which KSU has no responsibility. Any action related to individual data protection should be applied to different privacy policies for each website.

Personal Data Collection and Use

  1. KSU website would not collect any personal information from those who simply browse or download from the website.
  2. Personal information includes such as names, ID numbers, telephone numbers and addresses from those who use the website for on-line services.
  3. If website visitors express their opinions or make inquiries through emails or the service mailbox, KSU will keep a record for subsequent reply.
  4. The website server would record users' IP address, duration and the webpages they browse. However this information is used only for general analysis of website flow rates and Internet behavior to upgrade the service quality of KSU website. The analysis is based on all users' behavior, rather than on individual users.
  5. KSU has the responsibility to protect applicants' privacy. So KSU will not revise or delete any ersonal information, except for the following circumstances:
    1. Violations against KSU website's regulations, such as vituperation, or personal insults.
    2. To protect personal rights or ownership.
    3. To protect the rights of organizations under the KSU website.
  6. We do not sell, trade or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone, except for the following circumstances:
    1. To coordinate judicial investigations.
    2. To coordinate other investigations conducted by other authorities concerned.
    3. Out of goodwill, to disclose personal information if it would serve the law, or improve the website service.

Information safety and protection

The website's server is protected by a firewall from illegal invasion, data destruction or theft. When users use any on-line services, their personal information stored on the website will be under complete protection.

Self-protection Measurements

Please keep any personal information confidential, and do not give it to any third person. For your information, any voluntary disclosure of personal information on the Internet can possibly be collected by others.Any questions about KSU's information safety policy, please contact us.

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