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Kun Shan University of science and Technology to allow the physical and psychological bariers such as the majority of users as friends, browse a smooth and convenient "Kun Shan WWW University of science Technology ",actively coordinate with the Executive Yuan Research. Development and Evaluation Commission, the"barrier-free web development norms" for barrier-free site and hopes to create a barrier-free environment of the site.

The layout of this website is divided into four blocks:Auxiliary links area, the main menu links to the district, sub-menu links and main content area.In accordance with the principles of barrier-free web design and easy to use keys [Accesskey,also known as shortcuts] to enhance the convenience of browsing.

Convenience Key Set Description

  • Alt + U:Supplementary menu links above the area,this block contains the list of sites on this website Focus Accessibility menu.
  • The top of main menu links area,this block includes the main menu link.
    • Alt + 1:Main menu -NO.1 Option
    • Alt + 2:Main menu -NO.2 Option
    • Alt + 3:Main menu -NO.3 Option
    • Alt + 4:Main menu -NO.4 Option
    • Alt + 5:Main menu -NO.5 Option
    • Alt + 6:Main menu -NO.6 Option
    • Alt + 7:Main menu -NO.7 Option
  • Alt + L:The left sub-menu links area, this area lists all of the sub-menu link unit.
  • Alt + C:The middle of the main content area, this block shows the information content of this page.

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